About us

Sea Incentive started operations during the challenging summer of 2020. Meet the Sea is the first experience we have created and we are happy to have forged ahead having faced innumerable difficulties and challenges.

Children of different nationalities felt seaweed under their feet for the first time. Families who felt a bit apprehensive of the sea fought their fears and enjoyed an unforgettable experience as they conveyed to us upon returning to harbour. All of them learned about the precious and fragile Posidonia that populates our coast, the habitat of sea urchins, the frightful voracity of the fish we fed and the methodical and laborious construction of the octopus’ home with pebbles and seashells as small but reassuring walls.

The expressions of surprise on the faces of children during our snorkelling tour inevitably ended with a detailed report to their acknowledging and proud parents as they returned to the boat. Moments later, after a healthy lunch, the youngest enjoyed the hunt for the treasure of Pirate Morgan, duly incarnated by our co-founder Luisa in detailed disguise as fearsome pirate. The interaction between children slightly older, 6 to 13, brought about situations where they asked their parents to learn to speak more languages. This was particularly touching for us as it represented the eagerness to learn and remove barriers that we hope to foster.

Adults listened to the comments of a devoted native about the history of Ibiza, its architecture and landscape and the specifics of a local mentality that sets it apart from the other Balearic islands, and indeed perhaps from the rest of the world. I hope their curiosity was tickled and partially satisfied.

We have at all times been aware of the challenges posed by COVID-19 to the security of our passengers. The content and philosophy of our excursion is directed to a small audience in every outing, allowing us to create a bespoke experience of attention and care for everyone on board. Limitation of capacity and commitment to quality will continue regardless of the health environment.

107 adults, 69 children and 4 babies have enjoyed our shortened summer season in 2020. Feedback from our clients has been excellent, at times overwhelming, and we want to continue to delight and offer excursions with meaningful content that fill the your heart and imagination. Comments on board and in digital platforms such as Trip Advisor and Get your Guide featured a level of detail and praise that fills us with determination for the road ahead.

We are deeply grateful to the friends and partners who welcomed us into their offices when we were only a project, particularly in light of the challenges that you were facing this year. We all certainly hope for a better 2021 but we will keep in our hearts the support of clients and friends in the year that saw us bring Meet the Sea to life.

We will be in touch shortly with news and surprises!

G.Canellas, CEO and founder of Sea Incentive and Meet the Sea.

October 5th, 2020.